Update #3: Two Months in Thailand

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We spent two weeks helping these students prepare speeches for an English speaking competition. They placed 2nd and 3rd!

This post is written for my 4th grade students from last year in Kansas so please excuse the simple language and the references to Mr. and Mrs. Dunham 🙂

Sawatdee from Thailand!

Mr. Dunham and I have been living in Thailand for 2 months! We work at a school called Youth Exchange School 2. The school has students who are as young as 3 years old all the way up to 18 years old. We teach many different classes kind of like a specials teacher does at Clark. The students at our school study Thai and English. Some students are very good at English, but others cannot understand what we say to them. Instead of calling us Mrs. Dunham and Mr. Dunham, the students call us Teacher Chelsey and Teacher Cole.

Students playing at recess.

Everyday we eat school lunch with the students. Sometimes the food is strange and we do not want to eat it. One day the meal was soup with a chicken foot in it! The students have recess after lunch. For recess they can run and play all over the school. Many students play soccer and badminton. Sometimes they have a singing competition during recess. The students sing into a microphone and the teachers are the judges.

This is our apartment building. It only takes us 2 minutes to walk from here to school.

After school we walk back to our apartment. Our apartment is small and does not have a kitchen. When we are ready to eat dinner we must walk 20 minutes to get to a restaurant. At the restaurants we cannot read the menu because it is written in Thai. We eat food from a cart that has pictures so we can point to what we want. Our city has KFC and McDonalds so sometimes we eat there too. In Thailand most people ride a motorbike instead of driving a car. It can be dangerous to drive in our city because other drivers do not follow the rules. When we need to go somewhere we take a taxi.

Sometimes an entire family will ride together on one motorbike!

For fun we go with our friends, who are also teachers at our school, to eat dinner and shop at a market. The market sells many different things that are fun to look at. Mr. Dunham catches Pokemon while I shop.

A market in our city. The markets sell clothing, toys, technology items, food, and more.

img_3143The weather in Thailand is very hot. They do not have winter, spring, summer, and fall like in the United States. There are only two seasons: wet season and dry season. Right now it is wet season so sometimes it rains all day long! One time the street in our neighborhood flooded. We had to walk through 2 feet of water to get out of our neighborhood!

We miss many things back home but we are happy to live in a beautiful place! We enjoy teaching our students and helping them learn English.

Fun Facts about Our Life in Thailand

All Thai people have nicknames that their parents choose for them. Some of the nicknames are English words. For example, we have students named Donut, Mint, Dollar, Best, Book, Guitar, Boom, Captain, Beam, Ball, Gape, and Earn-Earn.
In the kindergarten classes the students take a nap for two hours everyday after lunch! I always wish I could fall asleep too.
Remember how taking your shoes off in our classroom a was a special reward? Well in Thailand all students and teachers must take their shoes off before entering the classroom.
People in Thailand do not use dryers so we hang our laundry outside to dry.
We live next to a field of water buffalo. There are also wild chickens that roam around our neighborhood.
Thai people like to eat bugs! These crickets are sold at a market near our house.
There is a 12-hour time difference between Kansas and Thailand. If its 8:00 p.m. in Kansas, it’s 8:00 a.m. the following day in Thailand. So when you are going to bed in the evening, we are waking up and getting ready for school the next day.
Sometimes we participate in special events with our school. One Saturday we dressed up in traditional Thai clothing and walked in a parade.

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  1. debra bissell says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful post and especially the photos. You and Cole make very handsome and beautiful Thai people! What a wonderful adventure you two are having, making memories for a lifetime. Love you, Aunt Debbie:)


    1. Thank you Aunt Debbie! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂


  2. somchai says:

    Great stuff in Thailand. Thanks for your coming and teaching our kids.


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