Update #2: Saying YES 2 School!

During our month-long TESOL Course the Placement Team at XploreAsia told us  Youth Exchange School 2 in the southeastern corner of Thailand wanted to hire us as English teachers! We felt blessed to be placed together at a private school with small class sizes, several other foreign teachers, and resources to use for teaching.

IMG_2695 (1)


After graduating from our TESOL course and enjoying our last day with friends in Hua Hin, we took a bumpy overnight bus ride to our new home in Ubon Ratchitani City.


We arrived at our apartment feeling sleep deprived and dazed. After killing 3 cockroaches and too many mosquitos to count, we took a nap to attempt to recover from the bus ride. In the afternoon we walked down to our school to take a tour, sign paperwork, and meet several of the teachers.

Youth Exchange School II, called YES 2 for short, has a campus in Bangkok and a second campus in Ubon.



Over the weekend we had the awesome opportunity to go on home visits with Teacher Julie and two other English teachers from Canada, Scott and Kelsey.


It was neat to visit an actual Thai home. The 1st grade boy whose family we visited was so excited to see us that he was literally bouncing off the walls in his Taekwondo uniform. So adorable! Jorn mostly learned to speak English by watching YouTube and he is great at it!


Next we went to visit another family who owns several restaurants in town. We met them at one of their restaurants, which floats on the river. The view was beautiful and Teacher Julie introduced us to some delicious Thai dishes.




As typical in Thailand, our first day of teaching was chaotic and we were thrown in without much guidance on what to do in our classes. It got better and better each day of the week. The Thai teachers are helpful but sometimes the language barrier makes it difficult to ask them questions. We are thankful for the other foreign teachers who have helped us figure out which workbooks to use for each class and given us a plethora of helpful tips.

IMG_2896 (1)
Cole teaches Kindergarten (ages 3-6), Grade 6 and Grade 7. Chelsey teaches Kindergarten, Grade 2 Math, and Health to Grades 1 through 5 in the English Program.

The highlight of the week has been getting to know our students! Whenever we walk into a classroom we are greeting with a chorus of “Teeecher Cole” and “Teeecher Chelsey.” Half of the classes at our school are part of the English Program. This means that many students speak English well enough to understand us and hold and conversation.

Giaa pulled her chair over so she could sit next to me at my desk.
The students and teachers wear their meditation uniforms on Wednesdays.
Cole introducing new English vocabulary words to kindergarten students.

Seeing these sweet faces is what makes us excited to go back to school each day!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Pam hook says:

    Stay safe. Enjoy your time. Love you


  2. Clare Rippel says:

    What a blessing you two are to these children. Keep up the great work and the interesting blog.


    1. Thanks Grandma Rippel!


  3. Amanda Sharshel says:

    Chelsey! What an experience!! I am so happy for you and Cole and look forward to all your updates :). Your students are so lucky to have such a compassionate and passionate teacher!


    1. Thanks Amanda! I hope things are going well in your new position in Wichita!


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