The FAQ’s

ThailandMapWhat the heck are you doing with your lives?!

Quitting jobs that we love, leaving friends and family behind, and moving to a country 9,000 miles away is not necessarily the most conventional thing to do. At a time when the world says we should be saving for a house, building our resumes, and making our parents some grandbabies, we want to live for something beyond ourselves. Some of our goals in moving to Thailand are to make a positive impact on the Thai community we teach in, grow personally, strengthen our marriage, develop ourselves as educators, and open our eyes to a new culture and way of life.

Where will you be in Thailand?

For the first month we be at a month-long cultural orientation and TESOL course in Hau Hin, Thailand. After the course we will receive our job placement. This could be in any city or rural community all over Thailand.

Is Thailand safe?

From Trip Advisor:

“Overall, Thailand is a safe nation in which to travel.  Physical attacks and other crimes against “the person” are far less likely than in many other “developed” nations.  Just as you need to be aware of your surroundings and personal safety when out and about in your home country, you need to keep your wits about you in Thailand as well.”

Cole is a head taller than most Thai men so that helps too 🙂

What will you be doing?

Cole and Chelsey will both be employed teaching English at a Thai school. We find out the age of students (elementary or secondary) and the type of school (private or public) once we are in Thailand and learn of our placement.

We are both excited for the time spent in the classroom, since teaching is a passion of ours! We also want to build relationships with other teachers at our school and people our age in the community. We are excited to learn about and experience Thai culture. We plan to do our best to learn the Thai language when we are there as well.

What organization are you going with?

We are going with an organization called Greenheart Travel. They partner with an organization called XploreAsia who puts on the orientation and TESOL course. Both organizations have excellent reviews online and large networks of current teachers and alumni. Last year alone, XploreAsia placed over 700 teachers in Thailand.

Greenheart will pick us up at the airport when we arrive, find us both jobs in the same city with a guaranteed salary of at least 30,000 baht, help with accommodations in that city, provide our travel insurance, provide 24-hour in country support, and give us each a free t-shirt—yay!



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